Clay Club Best Bits

Some of the pieces that have been made by you Clay Club guys over the last few weeks are super impressive... so here's to all of you!
I've picked a selection of some great pieces made from our hand building element of the workshop, it was hard to pick!
First up, Inga and her soon to be plant pot. I hope a collection of these is whats next...
How cool is this little guy!!
Next we have Victoria, I feel she has a certain dragon vibe going on with eh mad colours and that funky handle...
pretty cool, am I right?!
Thanks to my soon to be sister in law and her lovely twin for coming along to make themselves some lovely mugs, matching mugs too! 
 maybe twins do think a like after all.
We had a lovely group of girls come along from One by One Dental that made some lovely mugs, jugs and vases... it was hard to pick out one but well done to Laura for getting those stand out initials o that mug! No one in this dentists will be drinking from your mug anymore.
Next up is Megan, who in her Pot Club pulled so many funny faces for the camera that this pot reminds me so much of... you really nailed it!
So many laughs all around- Well done!!
Finally can't forget about the boys. Even though this pot isn't fired up and shiny like the rest just yet, it still has plenty of character about it- thank you to Josh for taking one for the boys and having a good night at Clay Club.
 Also incase I forgot who it belonged to, it is signed 'by Josh- age 27' on the bottom. Very good.
So thanks again to everyone for coming along all of these weeks and giving us great laughs and memories. Hope your love your pots as much as we do.