Private Hire- from kids birthdays to zen parties across Northern Ireland

Private Hire- from kids birthdays to zen parties across Northern Ireland

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Have you ever considered making something special as part of your big event?

From ‘zen’ parties to birthdays everyone can join in with the fun of making through Natasha Swan Ceramics. Each workshop can be adapted to suit the occasion and its perfect for both the creative and those who think they aren’t... mug making is typically a great beginners workshop with each person being shown how to make a mug from a slab of clay followed by making and decorating their own. Not only will you have a memorable experience but you will get to keep a mug each at the end! (Please bear in mind that it can take up to 3/4 weeks for your groups work to be dried, fired and glazed)

Once your masterpieces are fired a collection will be arranged for your group co-ordinator.

With prices based on £240 for up to 8 people and £25 per person additional, groups of up to 25 can be accommodated for. This price includes your room hire, refreshment (dependant on venue) and all of your clay and firings. If it’s a larger group there will be myself and a helper to keep an eye over everyone included also. 

Workshops typically last 1.5 hours, depending how big the group is, packed with plenty of fun, memories and best of all your personalised and handmade mug.

Please get in contact to discuss venue hire and date availability. £80 deposit is initially taken to hold against venue costs with the remainder due a week prior to your special day.

If you have a KIDS BIRTHDAY party in mind please get in contact for separate information on ages and pricing options- its normally easier for us to come to your location instead of booking a private function room.