Custom Animal Bowls
Custom Animal Bowls
Custom Animal Bowls

Custom Animal Bowls

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We all love our animals more than we sometimes let on- but how could you not with their cute little faces and cheeky attitudes (maybe that’s only Bamse’s cheeky attitude)

Treat your home and your pet with a custom bowl. Each bowl is handmade with your pets name, your favourite colour and a cute pattern to tie it all together.

Chose from small, medium and large so that no matter how big or small your pet is we can make a bowl for them.

SMALL- 12 X 4 cm approx. Perfect for cats, small dogs, guinea pigs and all other cute and short furry friends.

MEDIUM- 13 X 6 cm approx. As seen in photograph of Bamse food bowl and water bowl, perfect for our medium sized cockapoo.

LARGE- 15 X 8 cm approx. Great for a larger water bowl that can be left out for plenty to drink all day or animal that can always eat and drink plenty.

*** When purchasing please enter your pets name, a favourite colour and pattern idea in the notes section and this will be confirmed once received.

If you have a specific shape or unusual pet you would like a bowl for please get in touch to see how we can best bring your bowls dreams to life!

All bowls are dishwasher friendly and made a little thicker than typical Natasha Swan Ceramic pieces to ensure they’re sturdy and durable for your pets.