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Custom made ceramic urns

Commemorative Ceramics With Natasha Swan Ceramics

In this challenging moment, we extend our deepest condolences for your loss. We hope to offer a small source of comfort, honouring the memories of your loved one through a cherished keepsake. Each piece is crafted with love and care, intended to bring solace during difficult times.

Please feel free to follow up with any questions and respond in your own time.


Urns for Ashes

Our handmade urns can be thoughtfully created to honour your loved one's memory. We understand the significance of creating these precious vessels, and we take great care in making unique pieces that reflect your vision. 


Keepsake Jewellery

A lesser know option, memorial stones can be created using a token of ash. Ashes can be delicately mixed into clay or glaze, forming a unique ceramic stone suitable for a pendant. We can work alongside a qualified goldsmith to cast a metal setting of your preference.


Below we have a range of questions to help us gather an idea of what you’re looking for, its okay to not have answers for each area or to have no firm ideas yet. This process will help guide us in the area of making to proceed in.



Let us know if you have a preference for shape, all pieces are made on the potters wheel and are round in nature. Vessels may be a traditional shape or something more modern, perhaps an image below will inspire a shape that best suits. 


Do you have any favourite colours it is important to incorporate?

Would you prefer to work subtle in colour or very vibrant? 



Would you like a piece simple in nature or more ornate in design? 

Do you prefer hand drawn patterns or a graphic illustration?



Is there any wording it is important to have added?

Wording can be stamped, hand painted or a graphic transfer.


Finishing Styles

Thank you for considering us to create this significant piece. We value the trust you've placed in our craftsmanship. We hope these images offer a clearer glimpse into the various finishes available. 


On average an urn ranges from 22-35cm in height. Sizing, overall, comes down to preference and designs will be adjusted to accommodate this. You can let us know if you have a preference for a taller or smaller piece, urns can also be specially made for children or even pets.


Making Time

Once we have confirmation of your design it will take approximately 8 weeks to have your urn made and fired. This is a process we will to take our time on to ensure it is crafted to the highest standards. If you have a particular time frame please let us know.


Securing your Urn

Typically a ceramic lid will be made that ties in with the design of your overall piece, this lid will be a snug fit allowing you the option to leave it in place or secure it further with glue.



Price will be dependant on the finish of your piece and the level of detail for drawing or glaze work, prices start from approximately £150. The process will start with initial drawings and updates will be available throughout the making process if desired.





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