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Is handmade pottery microwave safe?


Indulge in the beauty of Natasha Swan Ceramics' handmade pottery, knowing that most of their creations are microwave-safe, making reheating your favourite drinks and snacks a breeze. But there's a little twist to keep in mind – if you have any metallic lustre on a piece, let's keep the microwave out of the equation.

Why, you ask? Well, microwaving metal is a bit like mixing oil and water – not the best combination. So, while our pottery is usually up for some microwave magic, those metallic accents are better off away from the microwave.

Don't worry, though! You can still enjoy the microwave convenience with all the other pieces. Just be sure to treat the metallic lustre ones with the TLC they deserve, and they'll reward you with their radiant beauty at every other occasion. Happy microwaving (did we say it enough already, sans metallic lustre)!

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