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Due to the small batch processes of handmade pottery, we aren’t able to facilitate replacement products under any circumstance. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We always do our best to showcase work with a description that matches the product but if you feel unsatisfied with any product a full refund can be made upon return of your item. We’re happy to cover your return postage.

If an item breaks upon delivery we are not liable to replace this item. Natasha Swan Ceramics works hard to create beautiful handmade pieces that will last a life time if they’re taken care of, but most postal companies don’t insure what we post. Due to this we pack pieces as best we can but once pottery has left the studio isn’t is no longer in our caring hands.

If an item breaks due to postage we will issue you a refund if we are informed within 48 hours of receiving your post. We are truly sorry we can’t can’t post a replacement but being a small company it’s not always possible due to limited edition series, small batch work and one off pieces- we won’t always have a replacement in stock and our making cycle is tightly structured not allowing for a one off designs.

If you have any questions or an unforeseen circumstance please feel free to get in touch via email at ‘’